Monday, June 22, 2009

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Note: 18 perspective drawings, and mashup of articles, and textures are in older posts

Two Marking Schedules

week 4
week 5

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final UT Environment

Obama's Space

For Obama's space, there a two levels. The exterior of the upper level resembles the white house, which in itself is a symbol of power. The lower lever is designed with the imagery of a pogoda to reflect Obama's cultural diversity. The furniture and elevator has a contemporary feel to it, which is a subtle reminder of Obama's ability to keep up to date with current trends, which is also responsible for his appeal, infuence, and power over the younger generation of people.

Meeting Place

For the meeting place, I have always imagined that the space for their rendevous would have an ancient and regal feel reflecting the ageless and hidden power that both my clients possess. I didn't want the place to be ostenticious, but rather covert. The decorative textures used for the dining table is to illustrate the refined nature of both of my clients.

Prada's Space

In designing a facade for Prada, the main motivation was to ensure that the building had flair, individuality, and flamboyance (qualities that make Prada a leading designer in the fashion world). For the exterior of this facade, I felt that it was imperative for the exterior to have an amorphous structure to symbolise flexibility, in regards to the fact that power can be changed to different forms. The expanding nature of this blobular structure can also be interpreted as illustrating Prada's expanding influence and power in the fashion industry. For the elevator and furniture in this space, a curvilinear design approach was used to once again reiterate Prada's exponential growth in the fashion industry. The juxtaposition of the bright coloured textures (of the interior), with the dark coloured textures (of the exterior) is to highlight that success comes from a combination of ambition and being cool headed.

Sketchup Models

Prada's Space
Two elevators

Dining Table

Obama's Space

UT Draft Model 2

Meeting place
interior of Obama's Space

Interior of Prada's Space

UT Draft Model 1

Obama's space
Meeting place

Prada's Space